Why Group Travel?

Here are four really good reasons to take advantage of Clark Tours Why Group Travel graphic trimmedfor your next vacation or getaway:

When you purchase your seat on one of our tours, you know that all arrangements, including hotel rooms, transportation, tours, attractions and included meals are set up and confirmed well in advance. And with air travel becoming more complicated and intrusive every day ground transportation is regaining its popularity.

The term “Safety In Numbers” applies very well to group travel. As part of the travel group, you come to know the people you are traveling with and this helps to make being in unfamiliar surroundings much more comfortable and enjoyable.

 Enhanced EnjoymentAs part of a travel group, you find that you have much in common with your fellow travelers, and as you explore new sites and enjoy new experiences, you will find that sharing these moments with others helps to enhance your enjoyment.

Making New Friends
Over the years we have seen many new friendships develop among our travelers. As people share new experiences and sights over a few days, they often develop new bonds, many of which last for years.


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